Baja Doodle Bug

Baja Doodle Bug

The Baja Doodle Bug – A Great Little Bike!!

This Video shows you a Baja Warrior Mini Bike

Clutch To Torque Converter Conversion

Product Description

This mini bike Motorsports MB200 Baja Doodle Bug is a fantastic choice when it comes to trail riding. The bike has hydraulic suspension at the front, hand-activated braking and a manual clutch. It is fitted with a functional banana seat for a comfortable ride and has a front headlight for the dark hours. It comes equipped with a handy compact storage area for keys, sunglasses, coins and more. In Yellow or Red.

Unfortunately not for sale in CA, TX or AR.

  • Bore x Stroke (in.):                           2.68 x 2.13
  • Brakes:                                            Drum
  • Capacity of Fuel Tank                      0.95 gallons
  • Color:                                              Red / Yellow
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.):              66.14 x 30.3 x 40
  • Displacement (cc):                          196
  • Engine Type:                                   196cc
  • Horse Power:                                  6,5 HP
  • Maximum Speed:                            25 Miles Per Hour
  • Size Tires (in inches)
    •  Front:                                     19 x 7.00 – ( 8 )
    •  Rear:                                      19 x 7.00 – ( 8 )
  • Start Type:                                       Recoil
  • Transmission:                                  Centrifugal clutch
  • Wheel Diameter (in.):                       8

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Baja Warrior Mini Bike Clutch To Torque Converter Conversion

This is a how to video with step by step instructions on how to convert a Baja Warrior or Mini Baja to a torque converter clutch for more torque and more speed.

In the video I show all the steps then take it on a top speed run to see the difference.

It is a Comet TAV2 30 Torque-A-Verter for a 3/4 inch shaft and the 10 tooth sprocket for a #40/41/420 chain.

I hate hearing my own voice so I lowered the pitch of my narration a bit so it sounds like someone else lol. :P